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Tumbled Rhodonite Bracelet

Tumbled Rhodonite Bracelet

$ 12.25

Rhodonite is a beautiful and healing stone which supports reclaiming your whole self, nurturing your inner self and helping to heal old emotional wounds and scars. This stone will help you center yourself in times of stress and turmoil. Act as a companion by helping you to be calm in in circumstances of shock and panic. A wonderful stone for anxiety and helping you to feel grounded.
Rhodonite is also a stone that nurtures and promotes love, compassion and the resolution of conflict as well as helping the wearer to dissolve self-destructive tendencies. Rhodonite can also be used to enhance sexual unions. To enhance passion, and cultivate a loving connection.
This listing is for one tumbled Rhodonite bracelet. Please see our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a detailed guide on the various options for crystals cleansing.

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