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Sacred Earth Detox Bath Soak - Vibrant Alchemy

Sacred Earth Detox Bath Soak

$ 35.00

Sacred Earth is a luxurious blend of salts, clay, essential oils & crystal infusion offering a relaxing and cleansing experience physically, energetically & spiritually. Aids the body in removing toxins, helps to bring clarity and remove negative vibrations and supports, enriches and promotes positive thoughts. All of my products are made from all natural, wild, organic, high quality ingredients. It is handmade to order and each item is infused with loving intentions & crystals.

To use: Run bath, as hot as you can take. Set the stage & ensure that you have water near as sweating is normal. Add desired amount (1/4 cup/ 4 tablespoons recommended) and soak for as long as you wish (min 30 minutes recommended).

Crystals are not included with the blend. You may choose to add a piece of black tourmaline to use as a meditative piece with your bathing experience.

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