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Raw Green Calcite

Raw Green Calcite

$ 5.50

Heart Chakra- VIbrant Alchemy
Green Calcite is a beautiful heart Chakra stone that has a soothing, calm & radiant energy. It has an amazing ability to attract prosperity and abundance. Helping you to manifest success, prosperity, and fertility. Its energy is relaxing aiding in stress relief and has been said to also improve the immune system. Green calcite will help you to release and dissolve rigid thoughts and belief systems allowing you the space to grow and restore balance to your mind. Its also effective at absorbing negative energy.
Green Calcite is a master healer stone and brings about knowledge of divine love. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities, trust and stability. Its also a great companion when tending to your garden.
This listing is for one piece of Green Calcite approxomately 2-3in in length. This stone has a MOH of approximately a 3 so it isn't safe for any liquid immersion.
Please check out our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a more detailed description on ways to cleanse your crystals.

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