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Rare Raw Orange Mangano (Pink) Calcite

Rare Raw Orange Mangano (Pink) Calcite

$ 30.00

                                                                       Heart Chakra Symbol- Vibrant AlchemySacral Chakra Symbol- Vibrant AlchemyRoot Chakra Symbol- Vibrant Alchemy
Orange Mangano (Pink) Calcite is a new find you will see exclusively at Vibrant Alchemy. Normally you would find them individually but never have they been found with both blended in the same stone. So this is indeed a amazing, vibrant and alchemy find.
Orange Calcite is a beautiful stone that enhances mental analysis and discernment. It enhances creativity, supports you in healing emotional issues and helps one to integrate the spiritual realm into our physical bodies. Orange calcite also bones and joints through supporting mineral absorption and balances calcium in the body.
Mangano (Pink) Calcite is a stone of divine universal love. It acts as a catalyst to healing emotional trauma and uprooting deep issues in order to heal and release it. Pink calcite helps to clear energy channels, stagnate energy and enhance energy flow from the crown to the heart chakra. A stone of well being, peace and compassion that also supports a boost in self esteem and attracts universal love.
This listing is for one piece of rare Orange Mangano Calcite approximately 2-3 in in length with a MOH of 2.5-3. Please see our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a detailed guide on the various options for crystals cleansing.

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