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Raw Blue Kyanite - Vibrant Alchemy

Raw Blue Kyanite

$ 3.25

Throat Chakra- Throat Chakra Symbol- Vibrant Alchemy
Blue Kyanite is a stone stone of connection, telepathic and psychic ability as well as communication. Its a highly vibrant stone that is able to quickly transmit energy that creates pathways. Creating & supporting the paths of receiving and transmitting healing energy. Its effective at aligning all chakras and bring about calm and tranquility as well as enhancing communication. Allowing you to speak your truth. Blue Kyanite will support you in cultivating your intuition and enhancing your communication with the higher realms and your spirit guides.
Chakras- Chakra Symbols- Vibrant Alchemy
This listing is for raw Blue Kyanite in either individual pieces or bundles. Each piece is between 1-3in in length. Kyanite neither retains or accumulates negative energy and therefore doesn't require cleansing. Its energy is constant and unlimited. If you are still interested in cleansing please see our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a detailed guide on the various options for crystals cleansing.

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