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Divine Mystic Box

Divine Mystic Box

$ 65.00

The Divine Mystic Box is a box that based on themes offer's an array of items to excite your inner muse. Curated with love and divine intentions for you to enjoy for weeks to come. What should you expect in these boxes? Well, each theme will have something slightly different but you can expect to see crystals, candles, incense or other burnables with a surprise.


This listing is for one Limited Edition Divine Mystic Box theme Love & Seduction or The Guardian

  • Love & Seduction is intended to bring about radiant love, passion and spark attraction. This box contains 10 vibrant items to support its intentions
  • The Guardian is the ultimate hand curated box intended to protect & uplift. This box contains 30 items to support its intention 

If your familiar with Vibrant Alchemy you know we pride ourselves on cultivating vibrant, aromatic & beautiful things to excite your senses. This box will offer you a mix of those things! Each theme is offered as limited edition and each box will have a new theme so be sure to join us in all the whimsical fun today!

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