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Goddess Womb & Yoni Anointing Oil

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The Goddess Womb & Yoni Anointing Oil is the perfect Root & Sacral Chakra companion to our Goddess Breast Massage Oil. Chakra activating & balancing blends that offer you a sensual and nourishing experience when used either alone or together. Goddess Womb & Yoni Anointing Oil is a limited batch item that I have been cultivating and nurturing for 8 months to ensure that you are receiving supreme benefits. This blend not only helps to activate and balance both the root and sacral chakras, it is moisturizing, helps to cultivate your inner shakti and activate kundalini energy. Its blended with herbs, oils and essential oils & crystal infused to support toning, conditioning and healing of your womb on a various levels. Goddess Womb & Yoni Anointing Oil is stimulating and enticing. Designed to warm and penetrate your skin. Great for womb massage, to use when applying castor oil packs, yoni massage or various other topical applications.

Size: 1oz

Comes in a cobalt blue glass bottle with dropper to ensure its properties are preserved. For optimal results avoid direct sun or excessive heat.