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Divine Portal Yoni Steam - Vibrant Alchemy

Divine Portal Yoni Steam

$ 17.00

The Divine Portal Yoni Steam is a unique blend. Created with 13 herbs, each serving an individual and collective purpose of nourishing & enriching your womb. Helping to activate and balance your root chakra and fostering a deeper connection with source and your inner goddess. Our steams are prepared with prayer and meditation. Each bead representing a different incarnation.

Yoni steams are an ancient tradition used for the wellness and pampering of your divine womb. There are so many benefits to incorporating this tradition into your womb care. Aside from the feeling of utter beauty and sensuality yoni steams can assist in conditions such as uterine fibroids, cysts, cramps, dark blood in the beginning and or end of your cycle, endometriosis, painful and or irregular periods, dryness, trauma, PCOS, scar tissue, assists with the healing of c-section scars and episiotomies, increases fertility, increase circulation and more if practiced regularly. Vaginal tissue is highly absorbent, and as such the herbs aid and assist in nourishing & enriching the womb while reconnecting you with your miraculous portal.. Bringing warmth to the area and assisting in expelling toxins and detoxing, each herb serves different purposes and this blend is designed to nourish, cleanse, nurture and pamper the womb.

Yoni steams are not for use while pregnant or if you think you may be pregnant, during your moon (menstruation) cycle, piercings (unless removed), open wounds, sores, blisters, infections and internal inflammation, women who have an IUD, those who experience heavy bleeding, and when you have a fever.

All of my herbs are organic and are prepared with love & sacred intent. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure.

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