Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls - Vibrant Alchemy

Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

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Singing Bowls, Gem Infused Singing Bowls, Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls- Vibrant Alchemy

Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls are the a beautiful marriage of Quartz, a stone with amplifying qualities and another crystal. This element of blending offers a unique and vibrant element to your singing bowl healing experience. Crystal Alchemy singing bowls emit sounds which help us to support a living, healing frequency. Crystal Quartz Singing bowls raise our vibrations and promote vibrant living. Tuning our cells/ energy centers & chakras to promote health and well being. They also allow for energy to flow freely through the mind/ body and spirit as well as cleanse & raise the vibration of your living spaces.

Each chakra center represents an essential essence of consciousness.