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Copper Gemstone Chakra Bracelet - Vibrant Alchemy

Copper Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

$ 14.00

All Chakra Symbols- Vibrant Alchemy

Each of these vibrant bracelets features a etched design around the sides, 7 gemstones attuned to balancing and aligning your chakras & magnets to support and enhance the efficacy of the bracelet. They are cuff style and adjustable to fit an approx wrist size of 7-8in.

 Chakra Mind/ Body Connection

Violet: Crown Chakra (Seventh) Intellectual, spiritual, divine connection

Indigo: Third Eye (Sixth) Intuition, insight, understanding

Blue: Throat Chakra (Fifth) Communication, expression

Green: Heart Chakra (Fourth) Love, Nurturing, Balance

Yellow: Solar Plexus (Third) Personal Power, confidence

Orange: Sacral (Second) Vitality, creativity, desire

Red: Root (First) Survival, Passion



 Copper is a ancient metal dating back nearly 10,000 years with various applications. It is humanities first metal and has been used for crafting and medicinal purposes. Our bodies need copper in order to balance the various elements present in the body. It supports the elasticity of blood vessels, acts as an anti-inflammatory, plays a prominent role in the formation of bones, skin cell formation & repair, healing & mineral absorption. Stimulates the flow of energy which supports vitality. 

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