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Bloodstone Bracelet

Bloodstone Bracelet

$ 16.00

Bloodstone is an ancient healing stone that has been long regarded for its protective abilities. A stone that stimulates the immune system, warding off illness, neutralizing and removing toxins from the body, and supportive to the circulatory system, blood, spleen, liver, intestines, kidneys and bladder. Bloodstone has been  used since ancient times to staunch blood flow from wounds, nosebleeds. Hep with infections, anemia and relieving menstrual cramps. For women, during their child bearing years it can promote rich and nutrient dense blood, hormonal balance and has been shown to help prevent miscarriage. A stone of courage and wisdom that helps the wearer to transcend superficial understanding, enhances spiritual intuition and mysticism.


This listing is for one Bloodstone Bracelet. Please check out our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a more detailed description of ways to cleanse your crystals.

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