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Apatite Massage Wand - Vibrant Alchemy

Apatite Massage Wand

$ 60.00

Third Eye Chakra- Chakra Symbols- Vibrant AlchemyApatite is a stone that helps one to achieve their goals and realize their personal power. Apatite also cleanses the aura and aids in past life/ alternate life work. Helps the user to access energy levels where Akashic records and individual soul patterns exist. It promotes independence and ambition and helps to clear away confusion, apathy or negativity. It also stimulates intellect to expand knowledge and truth. Enhances creativity and the awakening of one's inner self as well as enhance communication. Develops psychic gifts, spiritual attunement, lucid dreaming & astral travel.Throat Chakra- Throat Chakra Symbol- Vibrant Alchemy

Apatite encourages formation of new cells & calcium absorption. It also helps to raise metabolic rates.

This Apatite breast massage stone is an amazing healing stone and when paired with my Goddess Breast Massage Oil they work synergistically to not only nurture and nourish your breasts but also support and promote healthy cell renewal.


This listing is for one Apatite Massage Stone. Please see our Secret Guide to Crystal Cleansing for a detailed guide on the various options for crystals cleansing.

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