Agua Flora: How to make Floral Hydrosols/Water & Flower Essences

How to make Floral Water & Flower Essences

Welcome back! Last week I shared one of our luscious recipes for How to make Florida Water. I hope you enjoyed it and got some amazing results on making your own batches but in case you missed it check it out here. In this post we are going to create floral water and flower essences. This can be used in tandem with the Florida water recipe or for various other purposes. So lets dive in...

Honoring Water

Water has memory, it has a uncanny ability to allow you to speak into it, set intentions, hold energy, clear energy and so many other things. If you've ever had a bowl of water in your bedroom you may have noticed that it not only softened the air in dry summers but that its also brought clarity and raised the vibration of the space which could manifest into experiencing better sleep, dispelling nightmares and clearing negative energy or noticing a difference in the mood of those who enter the space.

Waters innate ability to be a conductor of energy makes it an amazing resource in spiritual, energetic or healing work. One that often times goes under appreciated so before this post is over, please say thank you to your water. 

Floral Hydrosols/ Water & Flower Essences

Floral Hydrosols/Water & Flower essences are absolutely luscious and can be used in so many ways on the body, in your home, in your formulations. Whatever you can conceive so shall it be! Now in the How to Make Florida Water blog you can supplement some or all of the water ratio in the recipe with Floral Water and perhaps a bit of Flower essence.

There are slight differences between Floral Water/Hydrosols and Flower essences. We are going to be exploring both because of the manner in which I create. 

Flower essences describe a method of infusing water with the energetic and vibrational frequencies of flowers. Creating them is a very simple process  and it has different properties from Floral Hydrosols/ Water. The key is, Flower essences are the vibration of the plant. Hydrosols/ Water are the floral distillates and have the chemical compounds of the plants unlike flower essences.

Are you ready to Create?


  • Fresh or Dried Flowers (Any variety you desire MUST be organic)
  • 1 Glass Bowl or jar with clear lid (for flower essence)
  • Vodka or Brandy (for flower essence)
  • 1 Glass or metal bowl (for Floral Water)
  • 1 Large Pot (for Floral Water)
  • 3 Glass Vessels (separate storage vessels for Flower Essence, Floral Hydrosol/ Water)
  • Metal Strainer (for Flower Hydrosol/ Water)
  • Brick, a glass, metal or other vessel to elevate your bowl in the pot (for Flower Hydrosol/ Water)
  • Water (distilled or living, I use purified rainwater)
  • Funnel (for easy transfer)


  • Rose Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Red Jasper
  • Amethyst
  • Fluorite
  • Your intuitive additions

The Ritual

Keep in mind my process involves multiple phases

I use the phases of the moon to create all of my products and blends however to get the photos for this blog I wasn't able to work with the new moon. So what I will be doing is setting the waters out in the upcoming new moon. Depending on what you prefer and what your intentions are you may use either the new or full moon.

Flower Essence

We are going to start this process in the daytime. Working with the energy of the sun. I bathe, sage myself and grid all of  my creation spaces. I have also spoken words of gratitude into the flowers. To make Flower essence we will have this space set up outside. On your creation space you will have your glass bowl with a clear lid, water, your plant matter, a metal strainer, small glass vessel with dropper and your alcohol. 


Start with adding water to your glass bowl than adding the plant matter & crystals, place the clear lid over it and let it sit in the sun for at least 4 to 5 or so hours. To infuse moonlight energy into it leave it out overnight. After its sat for your desired duration of time you will want to strain some of the water into the dropper bottle until its half way full. Do not strain larger batch, you will use that in the next steps! You will then fill the remainder of the vessel with your alcohol preference and label that bottle (Rose/ Lavender Mother and date made). To make other bottles you will take 2 drops from the mother and put into another dropper vessel, 1/3 of alcohol and the rest fill with water. 

Flower essence- How to make flower essence- Vibrant Alchemy Flower essence- How to make flower essence- Vibrant Alchemy







How easy was that?

 Floral Water/ Hydrosol

You still have water left from your creation of the flower essence. And you've left the plant matter in the larger batch. At this point you've moved your creation space into the kitchen because you will need the stove. 

Take the large pot and in the center of it place your brick or smaller bowl or Floral water, rosewater- how to make floral water- how to make rosewater- Vibrant Alchemysomething that will elevate the vessel for your hydrosol. Once you've placed the brick or inverted bowl in the center you will want to now pour the remaining water and flower petals from your flower essence into the pot. I added both fresh & dried rose petals to this blend. Feel free to add more plant matter and water. Place your larger bowl on top of the brick, turn on the flame and when it begins to simmer place the lid on your pot inverted (upside down) or metal bowl and place ice on top. You will need to replace the ice once it melts and this process can take anywhere from 45min- 2 hours depending on your results and desired amount. Ensure you aren't running out of water on inside the pot. 

project leads to another and you have ended up with 3 vibrant, multi useful products! Store your hydrosols in the refrigerator for longevity.The end result is you will have liquid inside the bowl, that is your floral hydrosol. Wait for it to cool down, bottle and label it. The water with the plant matter in it is also floral water so strain and place that into the other glass vessel once its cooled. You can place the strained plant matter in your soil if you have plants or a garden so you don't waste anything.You can use these energetic & aromatic waters to make products, rid spaces of odors, negative/ stagnate energy. As linen sprays, facial toners and more. Depending on the flowers you selected to use each has its own energetic properties. The most common one made is rose.

You can use these energetic & aromatic waters to make products, rid spaces of odors, negative/ stagnate energy. As linen sprays, facial toners and more. Depending on the flowers you selected to use each has its own energetic properties. The most common one you may be familiar with is rose. 

I hope you can see why I placed these together, one project leads to another and you have ended up with 3 vibrant, multi useful products! Though you can also choose to make the flower essence independently.


Store your hydrosols in the refrigerator for longevity.


You can find some crystals to incorporate into your blends HERE


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