Practical Guide to Raising your Vibration

Your journey through this realm is a mural, be intentional in each stroke you make on the canvas of your life...


You may be familiar with the concept of raising your vibration, or you may just being introduced to the idea. I wanted to share some ways you can raise your vibration and share some ideas with you on how you can utilize your time, energy, thoughts and feelings to cultivate, learn and grow as a soul being.

I'd like to first start with what does it mean to raise your vibration? What does that look like and how do we sift through some of what you may see online to find what works best for you. 

Joshua Mays Art - Vibrant Alchemy Practical Guide to Raising your Vibration

Artist: Joshua Mays Click the Image to be directed to his Tumblr

Raise my what?

Each of us divine beings is comprised of energy; emitting our own EMF signature and existing within varying frequencies and vibration. Like listening to the beat of a drum, all of existence is vibrating on some level. Some are clearly heard and some inaudible to our ears but its these frequencies; this sound of life and their fluctuations that play a large role in how we perceive, navigate or simply exist in this life. In my journey of self discovery I've found raising my vibration isn't a matter of not thinking about certain things, ignoring or glossing over others. But through recognizing, acknowledging and honoring myself, in every capacity and focusing my energy towards solutions. Releasing limiting ideas and investing in myself so I may continue to focus on manifesting and attracting more of what I desire. One of the most liberating epiphanies I've had is to recognize that every experience; however we define them has a lesson. Something to contribute to our evolution.

How to Raise your Vibration

There are so many ways to raise your vibration. To support and promote a state of happiness and abundance. Here are my favorites!

  • Breath Work
  • Looking at art
  • Meditation
  • Dance
  • Going out in nature
  • Doing things you love
  • Sex
  • Singing
  • Diet
  • Self Care
  • Rituals
  • Community Service & Involvement
  • Exercise
  • Having a Purpose & Setting Intentions
  • Laugh
  • Listen
  • Music
  • Coloring
  • Crystals

This isn't an elaborate list. It doesn't require that you do anything more than what you already do. Or attempt to block out the world and your own internal thoughts. I venture to say that you are on your most high and in a space of honoring yourself when you recognize that whether you are happy or sad, depressed, angry, joyful or peaceful that you deserve and are worthy of love. That you needn't neglect any part of yourself to be loved or honored or accepted. Your feelings and thoughts are tools, use them to serve your growth, interests and desires. This list simply requires that you are more conscious, aware and intentional with what you do. So, if you are feeling sad. Don't turn away from yourself, nurture that. Sit with yourself and comfort yourself. Allow yourself to feel and know you are safe because you make it so.

The mind is a busy place, as is the world. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the balance. The things I mentioned above are some of the ways you can go about uplifting yourself, raising your vibration and I've also included a video below so you may gain more insight on meditation and calming your mind when you need to.

Enjoy one of my favorite talks on Calming the Monkey Mind with Mingyur Rinpoche 

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