Secrets of The Mystic

Secrets of The Mystic- Vibrant Alchemy

 Secrets of The Mystic

It was spoken by the Inuit peoples that Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. A stone of illusion, mystery and mysticism you have to explore its depths to see its hidden beauty.The difference between the seen and the unseen, labradorite will help you explore your depths, your mysticism & magic. Exploring yourself is a journey into the mystic. So many layers and facets of one solitary being, labradorite helps you to embrace this dance of self discovery. Helps you to actualize your inner spirit, psychic abilities and allows your magic to surface.


You can feel and experience labradorite create a protective force throughout your aura and strengthen your natural energies from within. Its energy allows the user to penetrate the veils of the Void, where all knowledge and possibility are nurtured. Allows you to recognize yourself, and others as light beings. As wise souls on their own living journeys.The marriage of labradorite and blue fluorite also offers the element of emotional balance and protection. To release ideas, beliefs and habits that hinder your personal evolution and growth. Expand your consciousness and psychic awareness, your instinct and understanding.  Both stones represent the third eye and throat chakras. Explore your innate vision, that which is both seen and unseen, felt and known. And now that you are exploring yourself further, deepening your connection to your inner state and supporting yourself in expressing your essence. Blue fluorite supports you in speaking your truth; giving your essence, desires, chakras and spirit a voice.


 chakra symbols- vibrant alchemy


 There are many ways to incorporate stones into your daily life and practice. If you've only just received your crystals you will first want to make sure that you've cleared it through the use of smoke with sage palo santo, incense or other resins and burnables, water, salt, sun & moon light, burial into the earth, and visualization. Be conscious of the MOH ( hardness & vulnerabilities) of your stones. Some of the cleansing options mentioned may not be suitable. And don't hesitate to comment below if you are curious about your particular stones. I'll do a blog on all of your cleansing options in more detail soon! You may also choose to set intentions with your crystals.To do this you would have already cleansed your crystals. What I like to do is go outside in nature barefoot. Feet touching the soil, crystals in hand and close my eyes. Take some deep breaths and focus my thoughts on what I desire from the crystal in hand and allow that visualization & energy to engulf me and the crystal. 

Once you've done your cleansing and set your intentions you are ready to get to know your crystals. Hold them, carry them with you, place them under your pillow and sleep with them. There are many ways to meditate, so the key is to keep your stones near and close. On person is preferred. Some of my favorite ways to meditate involve dancing, singing, sitting in nature in silence, writing, coloring, chanting, sex (yes sex is meditation) and exercising. There's no one way to be or do. So if you find yourself trying to do a silent meditation and you all of a sudden start rocking that is perfectly ok. If you feel yourself sway and dance or hum. You are doing exactly what you should be doing. 

Your are divined to be exactly where you are. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to do. Crystals are companions to help us to facilitate a deeper and broader understanding of self. They are extensions of you manifesting through nature. So, getting to know your crystals is you getting to know yourself in your purest forms. Labradorite and blue flourite are a beautiful and insightful pair to have.

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